Some flooring materials may contain toxic chemicals which can be harmful to our health. It is extremely vital to choose a floor that won’t cause any health problems. In this respect, the natural materials are obviously better options.

Solid hardwood flooring stands in the first place when it comes to healthy floors since it is genuine and is the safest option. But even some natural materials may be aromatic, so it is important to make sure one isn’t allergic from those volatiles, e.g. maple.

Sometimes flooring may contain anti-sapstain chemicals but not all of those are dangerous.

Also, in case of wood, there is a high possibility of mold, which may cause an unpleasant smell. The wood needs to be kiln-dried before installation. If the floor is unfinished, hemp oil is believed to be the safest option. It is also important to pay attention to the wood glue constituents.

Tile flooring is safe for health as well. Though the tiles may have resin on them, it hasn’t been recorded to cause any issue. A pure tile can be sealed with a natural sealer. Meanwhile, in case of white marble, it may be harder to seal with a low toxin sealer. Ceramic tiles do not have any negative effects on health, though it is to make sure if the grout or mortar have any volatile organic compound. 

It is also recommended to choose oil over polyurethane when finishing the floor since oil is healthier.