Legno wood flooring finishes are very among the most popular customers’ choices. 

The word Legno has a Latin origin of “lignum” meaning wood. Mardegan Legno can be found in Hungary in the best kind of forests in Europe. It is considered to be the best European wood type, being called the Slavonian Oak. Legno is one of the most highly valued wood types and has been employed since time immemorial to make ships and wine casks. Nowadays Legno wood floors are the most widely used materials for hardwood flooring. 

Legno wood is always in demand, especially as a flooring material. This wood type has undertaken several resistance tests and proved its quality. 

The wood type named Terra Legno is also famous for being manufactured with the highest quality. Terra Legno is mainly used in engineered wood floorings. They are considered both aesthetically preferable and durable.  

Legno wood enables color body porcelain tiles, which are created through various color stains from the surface to the body of the tile. 

Legno wood flooring can be the perfect choice for an interior with a contemporary design, as well as a traditionally styled interior. It can even endure being installed in a high traffic area. 

Legno wood floorings are available in many styles and collections. The customer has a wide range of options to choose from. Though the finishes have standard sizes and colors, their diversity makes it possible to find the perfect one for your interior. 

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