Trends of floorings change over time. But since the floor is something you buy to last for years, one always wants to pick the floor that will stand the test of time.

As a matter of popularity, the vinyl floors overweigh the natural ones for the affordability and the diversity it is available in. They are low maintenance, cost-effective, scratch-resistant, and absolutely waterproof.

In the choice between hardwood and engineered wood, the preference is usually given to the engineered wood flooring. Though hardwood flooring looks luxurious and is eco-friendly, some types of it may be rather expensive. In this respect, engineered wood flooring is more affordable with similar characteristics.

Nowadays the floorings can have various colors, patterns. Some floors are available in such colors, that couldn’t be imagined a decade ago. The abundance of shades makes it a challenge to make a choice. However, according to recent trends, the mainly popular tones are grey, light, and blonde shades, warm and honey-toned shades, white tones.

Grained patterns are chosen by the homeowners as well in the time. These patterns may completely change the overall appearance of the room. Grained patterns are available both for engineered and hardwood floorings. Grain patterns can be distressed, hand-scraped (in this case a hand of a professional craftsman is needed), or wire brushed patterns (these are marginally smoother than the others and with a more regular format).