La Famiglia Collection by Legno Bastone is one of the most famous and richest product categories of the brand. The wooden planks it contains differ widely in color and the overall look.

The name of the collection is quite obvious; the sub products from this collection derive from family members, Giuseppina, Rosina, Pippinella, Giginella, Luigi, Domenico, Vittorio, Antonietta, Franchino, Elisa, Teresa, Ciccio, Arturo, Maria, Luisa, and Vincenzo.

All of the finishes are in marked contrast to each other and absolutely unique. The strikingly different tones of the finishes are obtained through the use of the modern technology. For instance the plank called Giuseppina is of a 100% genuine smoked finish; the heat and smoke have upheld the wood to generate its natural tannin to right to the surface.

The width of the planks is 7.09 inches (180mm), the thickness is 13mm and 4mm veneer. It has the advantage of width extension; it can be upgraded up to 8.66 inches.